The client servicing at Golden Petals  plays a pivotal role of interpreting briefs with insight and scrutinizing and judging every aspects of the agency’s involvement to make sure it adheres to the overall marketing strategy. The servicing cell is a balanced integration of problem analysis, marketing insight, strategic skills, creative judgment and highly cost conscious execution.


  Creativity at Golden Petals  has a USP. Human Contact – Incorporating aura, intrigue, and drama and excitement. Reaching people by breaking down barriers. To touch them as human beings with mind and heart. It’s philosophy that we apply in the creation of all our Advertising Communication that jumps out of the page and involves through a perfect marriage of word and image.

The Studio

  Creative at  Golden Petals  is supported by the state-of-the-art Studio. Using hi-tech computers and graphic equipment, the agency keeps abreast with world standard technology in such contemporary applications like image inputting, image manipulation, computer generated special effects, pre-press requirements and multimedia presentations.

MEDIA  Value for Money

  At  Golden Petals, Media planning and advisory services are singularly the most important for maintaining a parity between money invested and result achieved. The focal point of the media division at all times is to maximize returns on investment. We believe money spent on advertising should, like any other business cost, be held accountable. In our views creativity goes beyond words and pictures. It can be exceptional media buy and adroit PR angle, well researched strategy  the idea designed to generate more sales at a more efficient cost.


  At  Golden Petals,  it is more than just figure crunching, it is also feeling the pulse of the consumer. Functions that calls for identification of the product positioning, examining various factors of push and pull in a competitive marketing environment, studying marketing dynamics, contributing towards a focused and relevant communication package.


Trained and skilled professionals at Golden Petals apply a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-on-with-it’ approach to get cost effective action and speedy solution. We have our in-house offset printing unit & flex printing unit. Our team assists in complete designing, co-coordinating, supervising & printing job work.